Green energy explainer for HYDROMA Inc

Frame by frame animation


​​​​​​​is a Canadian company created in 2006 by Mr. Aliou Diallo, a Malian entrepreneur, specialized in research, development, transportation, and refining of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons.


The company is preparing to produce and export its natural hydrogen and is also actively pursuing solar and wind power-based hydrogen production in various African countries.

We were asked to create an animated video to turn the attention of potential investors to this promising project. For us, this project is not just a commercial job, we think that the Hydroma project is a big step towards a better and sustainable future. 


A team of 9 people worked on the project, including a director, artists, animators, motion designers, and "Hydroma" representatives who helped us turn technically complex information into bright and clear 2D animation.